QESCO Quetta Details

QESCO Quetta Details

QESCO Quetta Electric Supply Company is a power distribution entity assigned to manage the electricity needs of Balochistan province. Covering 43% land of Pakistan with its distribution network, QESCO is the largest distribution company in terms of coverage area. The distribution network consists of 2 x 220kV, 10 x 132kV, and 70 x 66kV Grid Stations connected via transmission lines of around 6300 KM.

All About QESCO Quetta

While managing the above distribution network, QESCO also has an online bill checking facility which can be availed freely from the button below:

QESCO Headoffice

QESCO headquarters is the center point of all the QESCO operations and activities. You can navigate the location of Headoffice from the link below:

  • Address: QESCO(HEADQUARTERS), Main Zarghoon Road, beside CCPO office, Quetta Cantt.
  • Phone No.: 081-9201445
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office Timings: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Official Website: QESCO COM PK

QESCO Chief Executive Officer

CEO of QESCO Quetta

Engr. Abdul Karim Jamali is the current Chief Executive officer (CEO) of QESCO (Quetta Electric Supply Company). He joined QESCO with a clear vision of making consumer facilitation the company’s top priority. Accordingly, he has taken measures to launch a customer complaints portal and has zero tolerance for negligence. 

QESCO Complaint Center

You can launch a complaint by calling on helpline 118; however, a dedicated complaint cell has been established by QESCO to deal with the consumers’ issues directly. The main complaint and customer service center of QESCO is located in Liaquat Bazaar, in front of the City Police Station, on the first floor of the fire Brigade plaza. Click to get directions to the office.

QESCO Offices

The best way to find the location of QESCO Quetta offices is to search for it on Google Maps. If you know the name of your desired office, you should type the name directly in the google maps search bar. However, if you don’t remember the name of a specific office, then write “QESCO” in the search bar, and all the QESCO offices will appear. You can navigate quickly to the appropriate office location. Click the link below to see the QESCO offices.

QESCO Quetta Contact Numbers

For Complaints and Helpline Department

S. No.Office NameContact Number
1QESCO Quetta Contact Number0819201445
2QESCO Liaquat Bazar Office0819203019
3QESCO Quetta Cantt Office0812820497
4QESCO Khuzdar Office0848412900
5PDC QESCO0819201979
6QESCO Nasirabad Office0838750094
7QESCO Sibi Office0833500605
8QESCO Quetta Sub Division Office0812821577
9QESCO SDO Office03349739987
10QESCO Sibi Regional Office0833500605

QESCO Chief Engineer Contact Numbers

S. No.DesignationContact Number
1Chief Engineer (Technical)3198088002
2Chief Engineer (Operation)3198088003
3Chief Engineer (Development)3198088004
4Chief Engineer (Operation & Maintenance 
for Transmission and Generation)
5Chief Engineer (C/S)3198088006
6Chief Engineer (Planning &  Engineering)3198088009
7Chief Engineer (Operation & Maintenance
for Distribution)

QESCO Regional Offices (R.O.) Contact Numbers

S. No.DesignationMobile Number
1SDO Katchery3198088116
2SDO Cantt:3198088117
3SDO Marriabad3198088118
4SDO Kuchlak3198088119
5SDO Alam Khan3198088120
6SDO Gawalmandi3198088127
7SDO Liaqat Bazar3198088124
8SDO S/Town3198088125
9SDO Mehardar3198088126
10SDO Shiekhmanda3198088130
11SDO Sariab3198088131
12SDO Kirani3198088132
13SDO Spezand3198088133
14SDO Brewery3198088134
15SDO Noshki3198088154
16SDO Kharan3198088155
17SDO Dalbandin3198088156
18SDO Baseema3198088157
19SDO Kalat3198088160
20SDO Kanak3198088161
21SDO Mastung3198088162
22SDO Mangocher3198088163
23SDO Khuzdar3198088166
24SDO Khuzdar3198088167
25SDO Soorab3198088168
26SDO Loralai3198088139
27SDO Dukki3198088140
28SDO Kohlu3198088141
29SDO Harnai3198088142
30SDO Ziarat3198088143
31SDO Musakhail3198088144
32SDO Muslim Bagh3198088147
33SDO Zhob3198088148
34SDO Qilla Saifullah3198088149
35SDO Sibi3198088173
36SDO Lehri3198088174
37SDO Sui3198088175
38SDO Dhader3198088176
39SDO Usta Muhammad3198088179
40SDO D.A Yar3198088180
41SDO D.M Jamali3198088181
42SDO Sohbatpur3198088182
43SDO Khanozai3198088199
44SDO Ali Zai3198088200
45SDO Pishin3198088201
46SDO Yaru3198088202
47SDO Qilla Abdullah3198088205
48SDO Chaman-I3198088206
49SDO Chaman-II3198088207
50SDO Turbat3198088187
51SDO Panjgoor3198088188
52SDO Tump3198088189
53SDO Gawadar (Urban)3198088192
54SDO Gawadar (Rural)3198088193
55SDO Pasni3198088194
56SDO I (RED-I) Quetta3198088102
57SDO II (RED-I) Quetta3198088103
58SDO III (RED-I) Kalat3198088104
59SDO IV (RED-I) Turbat3198088105
60SDO I (RED-II) Q/Saifullah3198088107
61SDO II (RED-II) Loralai3198088108
62SDO III (RED-II) Pishin3198088109
63SDO I (RED-III) D.M Jamali3198088270
64SDO II (RED-III) Sibi3198088112
65SDO T&G-I Quetta3198088254
66SDO T&G-II Quetta3198088255
67SDO T&G-III Quetta3198088256
68SDO T/L-I Quetta3198088261
69SDO T/L-II Quetta3198088262
70SDO T/L-III Quetta3198088263
71SDO-I (Civil) GSC3198088265
72SDO-II (Civil) GSC3198088266
73SDO-III (Civil) GSC3198088267

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is QESCO Pakistan?

QESCO (Quetta Electric Supply Company) is the electricity distribution network in Pakistan that covers almost 43% of the area that includes the complete Balochistan province

Who is the CEO of QESCO Quetta?

Engineer Abdul Karim Jamali is the present CEO of QESCO Electric Company.


As QESCO covers a large chunk of Pakistan’s area in terms of electricity distribution, therefore it has a vast network of regional and sub-divisional offices in all parts of Balochistan. Consumers can locate these offices from the maps linked above. Moreover, you can also call the respective offices on the landline numbers. QESCO Quetta has dedicated offices to deal with consumer complaints; all can be contacted from a toll-free number, 0800-84338 or 118.