QESCO Online Bill August 2023

Write your 14-Digit reference number in the box below to see your QESCO ONLINE BILL.

QESCO Online Bill

QESCO Online Bill Check

Check your monthly QESCO Online Bill from billonline.pk without hassle. All you need to do is provide the reference number of your Quetta Electric Supply Company bill, and we will take care of the rest. Your QESCO bill PDF will be available for download with just one click. In addition, you will be able to see the due date, billed amount, and calculations along with surcharges applied on your bill.

You can view QESCO duplicate bills for residential and commercial connections from the same page. With an online system, you don’t need to travel miles to the post office to grab your bill. QESCO management is always determined to provide effortless service to their consumers.

How to Find 14 Digit Reference Number of the QESCO Bill?

To locate your QESCO bill reference number, pick your previous QESCO bill and navigate to the left section of the bill. Just below the distribution company logo, the consumer number and 14-digit reference number of each user are mentioned. If you are still facing trouble locating the number, see the picture below in which we have red-marked a sample bill reference number.

QESCO Online Bill reference Number

How to Check QESCO Online Bill

  • Scroll to the top of your screen and fill the field with the 14-Digit reference number
  • Press the Generate Bill button
  • Your monthly duplicate QESCO WAPDA bill will open in a new tab
  • Verify the bill’s issue date; if it’s showing the previous month’s date, then your latest bill is not issued by QESCO in the system. Recheck this website after a few days

QESCO Online Bill Download and Print Procedure

For laptop or desktop users;

  • You should first connect your printer to the computer system.
  • After, viewing the QESCO online bill with billonline.pk, you should press Ctril+P
  • The system will ask you to select the printer name, page size, and color scale, after which it will print the online bill.

For Andriod or IOS Mobile users;

  • You can directly download the bill
  • Click the print button appearing at the top of the bill screen. Your bill will be downloaded to your mobile storage.

Procedure for QESCO Bill Payment

QESCO online Bill payment is easy with access to the internet and mobile banking applications, including fintech solutions like Nayapay and SadaPay. With the conventional methods, you can pay electricity bills online at any commercial bank via an online application or by visiting the nearest branch or post office.

For Offline payment:

  • Grab your original QESCO bill.
  • Move to the nearest bank branch or post office in case the bank is not available.
  • Walk to the billing counter representative
  • Pay the amount in cash and get receiving on the bill invoice

For Online Payment:

  • First, check and download your QESCO online bill via billonline.pk
  • Open any online banking application or fintech apps like JazzCash, Easypaisa or Nayapay
  • Go to the utility bill payment option in your app.
  • Select QESCO as the company name.
  • Input the reference/consumer name in the empty field
  • The app will automatically detect your current bill amount.
  • Click the One-time password (OTP) option to get the financial pin.
  • Submit the pin and click the pay button.
  • Your online bill is paid now.

Components of QESCO Bill Duplicate Online

Before paying the bill, you must check and verify the details mentioned in the bill. As meter reading involves human effort, it may lead to erroneous reading. Therefore, you must cross-check all the details mentioned in the bill as per the following interpretations:


The reference number and meter number are the identifiers of your bill.

  • A reference number is 14 unique digit reference numbers allotted to every consumer at the time of electricity connection.
  • A meter number is a six-digit number implanted on your meter; you must verify this number with the one mentioned in your bill.
QESCO Bill reference Number

Essential Dates

Before paying the bill, you must take a look at the following dates mentioned on the bill:

  • Bill Month is the month in which an invoice is generated for the consumer unit consumption.
  • Reading Date is the date shown when the meter reader noted the reading from the meter
  • Issue Date is the date on which the bill was released by QESCO for the desired month.
  • Due Date is the most important date to look after. This is the date before which you should pay your bill amount to avoid late payment charges.
QESCO Bill Essential Dates

Billing History

You must check your QESCO payment history every time before paying the bill. The web-generated table in the bill shows the history of payments received by QESCO. You should immediately raise an online complaint if you find any missing payment. The table shows the Unit consumed, billing month, bill amount, and corresponding payment received for the QESCO previous month bill.

QESCO Billing History

Charges Calculation

This is the detailed section in which plenty of calculations are visible. Two main components of these calculations are the QESCO charges calculation, and the Government charges calculation. Unfortunately, they are pretty difficult to understand, for which we have developed a detailed QESCO bill calculator to make your life easier. Click the button below to see the detailed calculation.

QESCO Calculation and Charges

Contact and Complaint Details

The QESCO complaint and contact details are mentioned at the bottom right corner of your bill. In case of any issue, you should directly contact the given numbers.

QESCO Bill Charges

Two types of charges are taken into consideration while calculating your monthly bill. One is the QESCO charges, while the latter is government charges. Details along with calculations for both types of charges are discussed in detail in the video below:

What is QESCO?

QESCO abbreviated as Quetta Electric Supply Company is a power distribution organization (DISCO) that is assigned to fulfill the electricity requirement of Balochistan province. As being in charge of power supply to the biggest province of Pakistan, QESCO Quetta covers the largest distribution network. 


QESCO management aims to make a customer-friendly power sector in Balochistan that is efficient, responsive, and reliable enough to meet electricity requirements. With a vision to move into energy sufficient model. QESCO is trying to create a commercially viable scenario for agriculture, commercial and industrial customers. They aim to provide uninterrupted electricity to consumers with the help of dedicated workmanship. 

QESCO History

QESCO was formed after the Government of Pakistan revamped WAPDA in 1981. It is intended to serve the power demand of around 13 Million people with a maximum peak demand of 1659 MW

As per the amendments in the WAPDA act 1981, QESCO was part of the Eight Area Electricity Boards (AEBs), which later were transformed into DISCOs. Presently administrated by the Government of Pakistan and the Ministry of Water & Power, QESCO also manages the business of Assets and liabilities of WAPDA.

QESCO Area of Operations

To serve the province of Balochistan, QESCO has a distribution network in the following districts with exception of Lasbela district which is served by K-Electric.

ChaghiBolanJhal MagsiKalatMushkhel
JafarabadDeraa BugtiKharanNaseer AbadPanjgur
PishsinQila SaifullahQilla AbdullahKhuzdarQuetta

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How to Pay QESCO Bill?

You can pay you QESCO bill online via JazzCash app, Easypaisa, Nayapay, Sadapay and other online banking applications.

How to check Monthly QESCO Bill Online?

You can check your monthly QESCO online bill at billonline.pk. You will be asked to write your QESCO reference number and your bill will be generated with a single click. See the site for details.

What do areas come under QESCO?

As visible by name the QESCO stands for Quetta Electric supply company, therefore its operation circle is in Balochistan with its headquarters in Quetta.

What is QESCO?

QESCO is a power distribution public entity company under WAPDA PEPCO to fulfill the electricity needs of 43% area of Pakistan.


Extracting your QESCO online bill has been easy; you must follow the abovementioned steps. It will take only a reference number to show your QESCO bill which can be downloaded with a click of a button.