Hyderabad HESCO

Hyderabad HESCO

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company HESCO provides electricity to 1.1 Million consumers with a service area of over 77,000 Sq.km. Hyderabad HESCO has established offices in 13 Districts and 83 Subdivisions to keep the electricity distribution system operations and maintain hassle-free customer service. Moreover, they have HESCO online bill generation facility.

All About Hyderabad HESCO:

HESCO Hyderabad Headquarters:

The hub and heart of the HESCO operation network are the Hyderabad HESCO Headquarter which can be searched by the name WAPDA office.

  • Address: HESCO Headquarter WAPDA Complex, Hussainabad Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan
  • Phone No.: (+92)22-9260161
  • Email:  [email protected]
  • Office Timings: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Official Website: HESCO GOV PK

HESCO Chief Executive Officer:

Raham Ali Otho took charge as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hyderabad HESCO Electricity Supply Company in 2017 to make HESCO a profitable power distribution entity under WAPDA. He was previously engulfed with the responsibility of Chief Operating Officer (COO), but soon after the retirement of Mr Asadullah, the federal minister for power division appointed him as CEO of HESCO.

Hyderabad HESCO CEO

HESCO Complaint Centre:

For customer dealing, the central complaint office HESCO Hyderabad circle is situated in Gulshan e Zeal Cooperative Housing Society. Click to navigate directly towards the complaint centre.

HESCO Offices:

If you have difficulty locating the required HESCO office or sub-division centre, then you should try the Google Map search option. Write the desired office name or address in the search field, and Google will show you the appropriate location. However, for your easiness, we are sharing the location map of all the HESCO offices.

HESCO Hyderabad Contact Numbers:

For Complaints and Helpline Department:

S. No.NameContact Number
1HESCO Federal Complaint Cell03372192748
2HESCO Federal Complaint Cell03372192749
3HESCO Federal Complaint Cell03372192750
4118-HESCO Helpline 0103372192751
5118-HESCO Helpline 0203372192752
6118-HESCO Helpline 0303372192753

Chief Engineer HESCO Contact Numbers:

S. No.NameContact Number
1Chief Commercial Officer03333700017
2Chief Engineer (Dev)03333700019
3Chief Engineer (Planning & Engineering)03333700021
4Chief Internal Audit03333700024
5Chief Operating Officer03333700012
6Chief Financial Officer HESCO03333700044

Regional Offices (R.O.) Contact Numbers:

S. No.Name of Regional OfficeContact Number
1R.O Badin03372192866
2R.O Digri03372192884
3R.O Kotri03372192854
4R.O Latifabad03372192832
5R.O Mirpur Khas03372192878
6R.O Nawabshah03372192904
7R.O Phulleli03372192847
8R.O Sanghar03372192921
9R.O T.M.Khan03372192861
10R.O Tando Adam03372192912
11R.O Tando Allah Yar03372192839
12R.O Thatta03372192871
13R.O Umerkot03372192890

Sub-Divisional Offices Address and Contact Numbers:

S. No.Subdivision/Division/
Name of Customer Service CentreLocation / AddressContact Number
01Regional Customer Service CentreCentral Customer Service CentreNear Maji Hospital Latifabad, Hyd3408167
02Garikhata DivisionCS Centre, Garikhata DivG.O.R Colony Division Office9200345 – 03041927713
03Saddar S/DivisionCS Centre, Saddar S/DivOperation S/Division Office Saddar9200343 – 03041927715
04Garikhata S/DivisionCS Centre, Garikhata S/DivAttached with S/Div Office9210276 – 03041927716
05Sarfaraz Colony S/DivisionCS Centre, Sarfaraz Colony S/DivAttached with S/Div Office9210176 – 03041927717
06Liaquat Colony S/DivisionCS Centre, Colony S/DivAttached with S/Div Office2630564 – 03041927718
07Tando Allah Yar DivisionCS Centre, Tando Allah Yar DivAttached with S/Div Office3891785 – 03041927694
08Tando Allayar-I S/DivisionCS Centre, Tando Allayar-I S/DivAttached with S/Div Office3891687 – 03041927696
09Tando Allahyar-II S/DivisionCS Centre, Tando Allahyar-II S/DivAttached with S/Div Office3891688 – 03041927697
10Tando Jam S/DivisionCS Centre, Tando Jam S/DivAttached with S/Div Office2765471 – 03041927698
11Chamber S/DivisionCS Centre, Chamber S/DivAttached with S/Div Office03041927699
12Latifabad DivisionCS Centre, Latifabad DivisionLatifabad Division Office9260160 – 03041927706
13Hali Road S/DivisionCS Centre, Hali Road S/DivAttached with S/Div Office3885190 – 03041927708
14Rizvi Hospital S/DivisionCS Centre, Rizvi Hospitel S/DivAttached with S/Div Office9260165 –
15Allama Iqbal S/DivisionCS Centre, Allama Iqbal S/DivAttached with S/Div Office9260082 – 03041927721
16Shaheed Umaid Ali S/DivisionCS Centre, Shaheed Umaid Ali S/DivAttached with S/Div Office9260078 – 3041927712
17Meera Muhammad Shah S/DivisionCS Centre, Meera M. Shah S/DivAttached with S/Div Office3400227 – 03041927709
18Qasimabad DivisionCS Centre, Qasimabad DivisionQasimabad Division Office9200348 – 03041927701
19Qasimabad S/DivisionCS Centre, Qasimabad S/DivAttached with S/Div Office2656982 – 3041927703
20Citizen Colony S/DivisionCS Centre, Citizen Colony S/DivAttached with S/Div Office3667019 – 03041927704
21Hirabad S/DivisionCS Centre, Hirabad S/DivAttached with S/Div Office2032212 – 03041927705
22Kotri DivisionRCS Centre, Kotri  DivisionSite Area, Operation Division Kotri3870312 – 03041927729
23Kotri S/DivisionCS Centre, Kotri  S/DivisionOperation S/Division Office Kotri3870085 – 03041927731
24Jamshoro S/DivisionCS Centre, Jamshoro S/DivisOperation S/Division Jamshoro3877081 – 03041927732
25Shahbaz S/DivisionCS Centre, Shahbaz S/DivAttached with S/Div Office03041927736
26Nooriabad S/DivisionCS Centre, Nooriabad S/DivAttached with S/Div Office670001 – 03041927734
27Sehwan Sharif S/DivisionCS Centre, Sehwan Sharif S/DivAttached with S/Div Office4620219 – 03041927735
28Phulleli DivisionCS Centre Phulleli DivOld Power House Hyderabad2632273 – 03041927723
29Paretabad S/DivisionCS Centre Paretabad S/DivOld Power House Hyderabad2663050 – 03041927725
30Phulleli S/DivisionCS Centre, Phulleli S/DivOld Power House Hyderabad2617919 – 03041927726
31Ilyasabad S/DivisionCS Centre Ilyasabad S/DivAfandi Town, Hyderabad2662023 – 03041927727
32Memon Hosp: S/DivisionCS Centre Memon Hosp: S/DivTower Market, Hyderabad9210039 – 03041927728
33T.M Khan DivisionCS HESCO T.M.Khan DivisionHyderabad T.M.Khan341711 – 03041927748
34T.M Khan-I S/DivisionCS Centre, T.M. Khan-I  S/DivAttached with S/Div Office341352 – 03041927750
35T.M. Khan-II S/DivisionCS Centre, T.M. Khan-II S/DivAttached with S/Div Office341773 – 03041927751
36Matli S/DivisionCS Centre, Matli S/Div66 KV G/Station, Badin Road, Talhar840226 – 03041927753
37Bulrishah Karim S/DivisionCS Centre, Bulrishah S/DivOperation S/Division Office Bulrishah Karim03041927752
38Thatta DivisionCS Centre, Thatta DivisionOperation Division Thatta920129 – 03041927742
39Thatta S/DivisionCS Centre, Thatta S/DivOperation S/Division Office  Thatta8550033 – 03041927745
40Sujawal S/DivisionCS Centre, Sujawal S/DivOperation S/Division Office  Sujawal8510054 – 03041927746
41Makli S/DivisionCS Centre, Makli S/DivOperation S/Division Office Makli8920132 – 03041927747
42Badin DivisionCS Centre, Badin DivisionOperation Division Office Badin861552 – 03041927738
43Badin S/DivisionCS. Centre, Badin S/DivOperation S/Division  Office Badin61972 – 03041927739
44Talhar S/DivisionCS. Centre, Talhar S/DivOperation S/Division  Office Talhar730261 – 03041927740
45Golarchi S/DivisionCS Centre, Golarchi S/DivOperation S/Division  Office Golarchi53422 – 03041927741
46Nawabshah DivisionRCS Centre, N/Shah DivisionOperation Division Office N/Shah9370012 – 03041927793
47Nawabshah-I S/DivisionCS Centre, N/Shah-I S/DivOperation S/Division Office N/Shah-I9370030 – 03041927794
48Nawabshah-II S/DivisionCS Centre, N/Shah-II S/DivOperation S/Division Office N/Shah-II9370023 – 03041927795
49Society S/DivisionCS Centre, Society S/DivOperation S/Division Office Society, N/Shah9370014 – 03041927796
50Daur S/DivisionCS Centre, Daur S/DivOperation S/Division Office Daur25267 – 03041927797
51Sakrand S/DivisionCS Centre, Sakrand S/DivOperation S/Division Office Sakrand22241 – 03041927798
52Saeedabad S/DivisionCS Centre, Saeedabad S/DivOperation S/Division Office Saeedabad767275 – 03041927800
53Qazi Ahmed S/DivisionCS Centre, Qazi Ahmed S/DivOperation S/Division Office Qazi Ahmed321291 – 03041927801
54Tando Adam DivisionCS Centre, T.Adam DivisionOperation Division Office T.Adam574324 – 03041927813
55Tando Adam-I S/DivisionCS Centre, T.Adam-I S/DivOperation S/Division Office  T.Adam-I574340 – 03041927814
56Tando Adam-II S/DivisionCS Centre, T.Adam-II S/DivOperation S/Division Office T.Adam-II574863 – 03041927815
57Oderolal S/DivisionCS Centre, Oderolal S/DivOperation S/Division Office Oderolal574332 – 03041927816
58Matiari S/DivisionCS Centre, Matiari S/DivOperation S/Division Office Matiari760258 – 03041927819
59Hala S/DivisionCS Centre, Hala S/DivOperation S/Division Office Hala32417 – 03041927817
60Bhitshah S/DivisionCS Centre, Bhitshah S/DivOperation S/Division Office Bhitshah762228 – 03041927818
61Sanghar DivisionCS Centre, Sanghar DivisionOperation Division Office Sanghar41383 – 03041927804
62Sanghar S/DivisionCS Centre, Sanghar S/DivOperation S/Division Office Sanghar413533 – 03041927805
63Jhole S/DivisionCS Centre, Jhole DivisionOperation S/Division Office Jhole41384 – 03041927806
64Shahdadpur-I S/DivisionCS Centre, Shahdadpur-I S/DivOperation S/Division Office Shahdadpur-I42167 – 03041927807
65Shahdadpur-II S/DivisionCS Centre, Shahdadpur-II S/DivOperation S/Division Office Shahdadpur-II42131 – 03041927808
66Khipro S/DivisionCS Centre, Khipro S/DivOperation S/Division Office Khipro79295 – 03041927809
67Shahpur Chakar S/DivisionCS Centre, Shahpur Chakar S/DiviOperation S/Division Office Shahpur Chakar62241 – 03041927810
68Sindhri S/DivisionCS Centre, Sindhri S/DivOperation S/Division Office Sindhri03041927811
69Mirpurkhas DivisionRCS Centre, Mirpurkhas DivisionOperation Division Office Mirpurkhas9290103 – 03041927758
70Mirpurkhas City S/DivisionCS Centre, Mirpurkhas City S/DivOperation S/Division Office Mirpurkhas City507527 – 03041927760
71Sattelite Town S/DivisionCS Centre, Sattelite Town S/DivOperation S/Division Office Sattelite Town, Mirpur9290109 – 03041927761
72Hirabad MirpurKhas S/DivisionCS Centre, Hirabad MirpurKhas S/DivOperation S/Division Office Hirabad MirpurKhas9290110 – 03041927762
73Mirwah Gorchani S/DivisionCS Centre, Mirwah Gorchani S/DivOperation S/Division Office Mirwah Gorchani03041927763
74Digri DivisionCS Centre, Digri DivisionOperation Division Office Digri869771 – 03041927764
75Digri S/DivisionCS Centre, Digri S/DivOperation S/Division Office Digri3869826 – 03041927767
76Jhudo S/DivisionCS Centre, Jhudo S/DivOperation S/Division Office Jhudo878457 – 03041927768
77Naukot S/DivisionCS Centre, Naukot S/DivOperation S/Division Office Naukot867266 – 03041927769
78Mithi S/DivisionCS Centre, Naukot S/DivOperation S/Division Office Naukot261314 – 03041927780
79Umer Kot DivisionCS Centre, Umer Kot DivisionOperation Division Office Umer Kot03041927781
80Umer Kot S/DivisionCS Centre, Umer Kot S/DivOperation S/Division Office Umer Kot571255 – 03041927783
81Pithoro S/DivisionCS Centre, Pithoro S/DivOperation S/Division Office Pithoro03041927785
82Samaro S/DivisionCS Centre, Samaro S/DivOperation S/Division Office Samaro551015 – 03041927787
83Kunri S/DivisionCS Centre, Kunri S/DivOperation S/Division Office Kunri558440 – 03041927789

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is HESCO Pakistan?

HESCO (Hyderabad Electric Supply Company) is a power distribution entity under WAPDA to provide electricity to the people of Hyderabad and connected regions

Who is CEO of HESCO Hyderabad?

Reham Ali Otho is the present CEO of HESCO Hyderabad. He took this office in 2017 as per the directives of the Federal Minister of Power Division.


Hyderabad HESCO Circle has multiple offices for various departments and functions in Hyderabad. You can search the offices by clicking on the desired office location on the Google Map linked above in the post. If you want to visit the offices, then you must remember the office opening and closing hours. For customer facilitation, all the customer-oriented departments are available online also.