Hesco Compaint system

HESCO Complaint System

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for every utility company, as with HESCO Complaint Department. As a power distributor, HESCO is committed to excelling customer expectations. However, to improve their service, they are ready to encounter your complaints and resolve them as soon as possible. HESCO also allows you to check your HESCO Online Bill

HESCO Complaint Online System:

There are multiple ways of launching complaints, which include verbal and written complaints. For minor issues, you should raise verbal complaints first and then go to written complaints; however, for major technical problems, you should submit written complaints as the accuracy of information provided in written complaints helps to resolve them promptly.

Complaints via HESCO Helpline:

If you encounter power failure or tripping, or in case a fire erupts in a transformer, then you should immediately contact the HESCO helpline.

For immediate complaints, call on helpline 118 from your mobile or landline. A HESCO representative will listen to your problem and provide you with a complaint tracking number. If your complaint is not resolved in the estimated time, then you can track your complaint status by that tracking number.

Complaints via HESCO Email System:

As mentioned earlier, you should first try to contact HESCO through helpline 118; however, if your complaint is not resolved and you see the authorities take no fruitful action, then you can escalate your complaint by emailing them at Email [email protected] by addressing Head, Quality & Assurance.

Complaints via HESCO Online Portal System:

If you encounter a significant problem, the best option is to raise the issue via the HESCO Online complaint portal. The method to submit online complaints is discussed in the Process heading. Click the below button to navigate directly to the complaint initiating steps.

There are three major categories in which you can submit your complaints.

  • Line Complaints
  • Non-Line Complaints
  • Leads/Request

To identify the pinpoint issue, you can select a subcategory from each major category.

Line HESCO Complaints:

For line complaints, you as a consumer can further select the exact issue you are experiencing, be it related to a Power outage, phase issue, or tripping due to a transformer. We have provided you with a list of subcategories from which you can identify your line HESCO complaints and submit them to authorities.

HESCO Complaint Line Type List

Non-Line HESCO Complaints:

Issues related to defective meters, electricity theft, and erroneous billing comes under this category. Most of the consumers face errors in HESCO bills. Therefore they can select this category to submit their complaint. A list of all the subcategories is provided under:

Non-Line HESCO Complaints List


This category is not directly related to complaints; instead, it is more related to requests like new connection, transformer addition, and change of sanctioned load. For example, consumers can raise requests for new connections through this menu. However, a few more request is part of this category which is listed below:

Lead Requests List of Complaints ofHESCO

Process of Initiating HESCO Online Complaint:

  • Click the below button to navigate to HESCO complaint Portal.
  • Click on the Red Button that says “Register Your Complaint” as shown in the image below:
HESCO Complaint Portal
  • A new window will open, where you will enter your 14-Digit HESCO Reference number and press the search button.
HESCO Reference number in Portal
  • The website will fetch your details from the HESCO System and show them in the consumer information tab.
HESCO Consumer Details
  • To launch your complaint and connection request, navigate towards the right side of the browser in the “complaints Details” tab.
  • First, enter details of the nearest landmark to your house.
  • Select Complaint category and complaint type from drop-down menus.
  • Type your specific issues in the “Complaint Details” box in depth as shown below.
HESCO Consumer Details for complaints
  • If you wish to attach any relevant document, then select the “Choose File” option.
  • Once you provide all the details, click the “Register Complaint” button. Your complaint will be launched and dealt with by the relevant HESCO department.
  • To track your complaint, click here and select the “Track Complaint” Button. Then input your 14-Digit reference number.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I complain to HESCO?

You can complain to HESCO via helpline number 118 or HESCO Online Complaint Portal

What is HESCO Pakistan?

HESCO is a power distribution company mainly operating in Hyderabad, Laar, Mirpurkhas, and Nawabshah districts. It supplies electricity to these districts of Pakistan.

How do I change the name on my HESCO bill?

You can get the name change by online HESCO portal or by visiting the concerned sub-division. Submit the application form with the required documentation and justification to change the name.

What is the contact number of electricity in Pakistan?

118 is the contact number to raise complaints regarding electricity anywhere in Pakistan.


To summarize we recommend you raise the HESCO complaint through the 118 Helpline. If you do not get the initial response then move towards the Email system and finally towards the HESCO Online complaint system if your issue is not heard after the above two methods.