GEPCO Online Bill August 2023

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GEPCO Online Bill

GEPCO Online Bill Check

Check your latest Gujranwala Electric Supply Company (GEPCO) bill at for free. Input your 14-digit bill reference number and extract your GEPCO online bill with a touch of a button. Your electricity bill for August 2023 will instantly appear with the option to download and print. Please match the reference number before downloading the bill to make payment. provides a facility to check all other distribution company’s bills which WAPDA manages through the following links.

Check other WAPDA Online bills:

You can check online bills for residential, commercial, and industrial connections. As a consumer, you will be asked to provide the 14-digit reference number appearing on your previous bill.

GEPCO Bill Reference Number

If you are a new consumer trying to extract the online bill for the first time, you should own your previous GEPCO bill. To find the reference number, navigate to the GEPCO Logo on your bill and move down till you find the boxes mentioning the fields of consumer number and reference number. Pick the number mentioned in the box below the reference number field and put it on our website to extract your GEPCO Bill online. We have also marked the location of the reference number on a sample GEPCO bill to ease your search.

GEPCO bill Reference Number

GEPCO Bill Online Checking Method

Checking your GEPCO Bill is as easy as dialing a phone number

  • Navigate to the top of this page.
  • You will find an orange box that asks you to input your 14-Digit reference number.
  • Enter your reference number and press the “Generate Bill” button.
  • Your latest GEPCO Duplicate Bill will open in a new window.
  • If your previous month’s bill appears, recheck after a few days.

GEPCO Online Bill Download and Print

Smartphone users can download the bill directly from their phone by following these steps:

  • Once you enter the reference number, your online bill will appear in a new window.
  • A “Print” button will be on your bill screen. 
  • Click the “Print” button, and your bill will download to the downloads folder of your smartphone.
  • You can print the bill after that by connecting your smartphone to a printer or by transferring your bill to a desktop/laptop.

Laptops users can download the online bill in the following manner:

  • After entering the 14-digit reference number on website, your bill we open in the same browser window.
  • Above your bill, you will see a small “Print” button.
  • Click this button, and a pop-up window will open, asking you to select the printer.
  • If you have a printer attached to your laptop/desktop, select the desired printer name and proceed forward. 
  • If you don’t have a printer attached and want to download the bill to your desktop, select the “Print as PDF” option from the printer selection menu.

GEPCO Online Bill Payment

You can pay your GEPCO bill through multiple online and offline channels. 

Offline channels include old conventional options like post offices, all commercial national and private banks, and NADRA collection points. This medium of bill payment is hardly used nowadays due to the restriction of physical attendance of the person and the bill at the time of payment.  

The second channel is the online medium preferred by its ease and options. You can pay your GEPCO bills online via:

  • Internet Banking from your respective bank.
  • Fintech Apps like JazzCash, Easypaisa, Nayapay, Sadapay, and Zindagi Apps.
  • Phone Banking
  • ATM and One Link

GEPCO Electricity Bill Components

As a consumer, it is your right to know every component of your electricity bill. You should constantly check all the parameters of the GEPCO bill before paying the bill. To check these parameters, one should understand the structure and components of their electricity bill. To cover the above knowledge, we have described in detail all the components of the GEPCO Electricity Bill.

Identification Parameters

Whenever you receive your GEPCO online bill, you should immediately check the identification parameters in your bill. These parameters will help you confirm that the bill received by you is correct and all the information pertains to you. These identifiers include:

  • Reference Number: A 14-Digit Reference number that you receive at the time of a new connection, and it remains constant every month. For extracting online bills, this reference number is mandatorily required.
  • Meter Number: A 10-Digit alphanumeric code should match the number written on your electricity meter. The “S-P” Code is used for single-phase connections, whereas for three-phase connections “3P” code is written just before the 10-digit number. 
  • Consumer Number: It is a 10-Digit number allotted at the time of connection, just like a reference number. 
  • Name and Address: Details of the registered family member and your address appears in the box below the reference number. You shall verify the address before making the bill payment.
GEPCO Bill Identifiers

Essential Dates

Every consumer knows about the term due date; however, a few more dates and data are mentioned in the GEPCO Electricity bill. It would be best if you glanced over them before proceeding further.

  • Due Date: The date before you should pay your bill to avoid penalty charges.
  • Connection Date: The date your new connection was made live by GEPCO management.
  • Reading Date: It is the date at which the meter reading takes a snap of your meter for recording the consumed units. It would help if you always made a comparative analysis of this reading from your meter reading.
  • Bill Month: It is the month for which your invoice has been raised.
  • Issue Date: It is the date on which your bill has been dispatched online and offline. This date always correlates with the due date.
GEPCO Online Bill Dates

GEPCO Previous Bill History

A table on the right half side of your bill shows your previous bills’ history for the last twelve (12) months. It is generated automatically and includes details like the previous bill amount, monthly payments received, and corresponding consumed units of the particular month. Suppose you want to check whether your tenant has paid the previous month’s GEPCO bill. In that case, you can verify it from the web-generated billing history table.

GEPCO Previous Month Bill

GEPCO and Government Charges

A table beneath your bill’s name and address section shows the bifurcation of applicable charges. These charges are divided into two main heads, one is GEPCO distribution company charges, and another one is Government charges. The NEPRA governs all the charges and calculations provided in this section. To understand and verify the calculations, you can watch this video.

GEPCO Bill Complaint and Contact Information

You can approach the complaint officer by dialing the number provided on your GEPCO bill. If your call is not connected to the area representative, you can try calling on GEPCO helpline number 118. 

Complaint numbers for the regional offices of the GEPCO are shown in the picture below:

GEPCO Helpline Number

Taxes Charged in GEPCO Bill

On behalf of the distribution company and the Government of Pakistan, multiple charges are taken from the consumer via GEPCO Electricity bill.

Charges taken by GEPCO

  • Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA)
  • Quarterly Tariff Adjustment Charges (QTR Adj)
  • Financing Cost Surcharges (F.C. Surcharge)
  • Meter Rent Fix Charges
  • Late Payment Surcharge (L.P. Surcharge)

Charges applied by the Government of Pakistan

  • Electricity Duty (E.D.)
  • Television License Fee (T.V. Fee)
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Tax of FPA, E.D., and GST
Taxes and Charges


GEPCO stands for Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited. It is a public sector company entitled to electricity distribution and supply in Gujranwala and surrounding territories. Established in 1977 as Area Electricity Board Gujranwala, under the umbrella of WAPDA. In 1998, it was established as a Distribution Company, “GEPCO,” under the administrative control of PEPCO after the dis-bundling of WAPDA. GEPCO distribution network has a connection database of 4 Million consumers as per the census of May 2021. 

Area of Services

GEPCO distribution network for its 4 million consumers spread over a service area of 17,206 Sqkm divided into five operation circles; Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Sialkot, Gujrat, Narowal, and Mandi Baha-ud-din. For the micro-management of these five circles, GEPCO has divided them into 24 Divisions and 118 Subdivisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I check my GEPCO Bill?

You can check your GEPCO Bill from by entering your 14-Digit reference number. With a button click, your bill appears instantly on your screen. You can download or print the bill easily.

Can we pay the GEPCO bill online?

You can pay GEPCO bills online through internet banking and fintech apps like Easypaisa, Nayapay, JazzCash, and Sadapay. You can also pay your bill via ATM and the One Link option.

How do I get my old GEPCO bill?

You can get information on your old GEPCO bill from your current bill’s web-generated history. Data of the last 12 months’ billed amount is provided in the history table.

Final Words

Checking your GEPCO online bill is swift and easy at A laptop/smartphone with a stable internet connection would be best for extracting your online bill. The website only asks you to input your 14-Digit reference number of the previous GEPCO bill. You can download the bill and pay it as per the methods described earlier.