GEPCO Online bill payment

GEPCO Online Bill Payment

All about GEPCO Bill Payment

As we are heading toward a digital world, where everything is becoming simpler and more convenient, bill payment has become more convenient than ever with the availability of the internet and smartphones. GEPCO – Gujranwala Electric Power Company has numerous online bill payment methods that make it easier for its customers to pay their bills on time. 

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GEPCO online bill payment service allows GEPCO consumers to pay their monthly electricity bills online without visiting banks or standing in long queues. Customers can instantly pay their fill from their smartphones and laptops with few touches and clicks.

Benefits of GEPCO Online Bill Payment

The are multiple benefits of online bill payments, which include:

  • Convenience: Instead of standing in long queues under scorching heat, customers can conveniently pay the bill by staying inside their homes or anywhere in the world.
  • Time-Saving: Online process saves time, as customers do not have to spend time travelling to banks for bill payments.
  • Security: Customers can save their amount from snatching, as they are not required to hover in the street with the bill amount.
  • Payment History: Every time a customer prefers the online bill payment method, their payment history is recorded in his bank application which he can extract as a statement.

GEPCO Bill Payment Options

GEPCO bill payments can be in both ways, either physically or online.

GEPCO Online Bill Payment Options

As a customer, you can pay your bills online without any hassle of moving out or searching for banks or post offices. The most widely used online methods of bill payments are:

  • Mobile Banking Applications: You can pay your GEPCO bill via any bank which provides mobile banking applications to its customers. You must have a bank account with some credit amount in your bank account to pay the bill online. The process is simple and similar for all banking apps.
  1. Open the Mobile Banking Application (e.g. HBL, Allied, UBL, FBL, Meezan Etc)
  2. Login to your account via USER ID and password
  3. Verify your Login via OTP (One-time password) received on your mobile number/email.
  4. After Login, the “Bill Payment” tab will appear on your banking application’s home screen. If this option is not appearing, then navigate it through the menu.
  5. Select the utility type as “Electricity” from the options provided.
  6. Select your distribution company; you will select “GEPCO” for Gujranwala residents.
  7. Enter your 14-Digit reference number. 
  8. The banking system will automatically fetch your current bill amount. Check and verify the amount with your current bill.
  9. Click “Proceed to Pay” and enter OTP again, and your GEPCO electricity bill will be paid online.
  10. You can save the payment receipt for later reference as well.
GEPCO Online Bill Payment
Bill Payment Online
  • Internet Banking: Similarly, users can pay their bills online from their laptops or Macbooks. You can follow these steps to pay your electricity bill online.
  1. Visit the internet banking website of your relevant bank.
  2. Log in with your USER ID and password through an OTP code received on your mobile number or email.
  3. Navigate the menu and search for the bill payment option.
  4. Select the utility type as “Electricity” and the company as “GEPCO” in your case.
  5. Write your 14-Digit GEPCO bill reference number (you can fetch this number from your GEPCO bill)
  6. Verify the amount shown in the window with your current bill from GEPCO.
  7. After verification, proceed to the payment button, which will ask you to enter OTP passcode received on your mobile or email.
  8. Click the “proceed” button to deduct your payment from your account, and your current monthly GEPCO bill will be paid online.
  • Fintech Applications: Another online payment method uses fintech applications like Easypaisa, Upaisa, Nayapay, or Sadapay. You must ensure that you have one of the mentioned applications and enough funds in your application’s wallet to pay your GEPCO bill. The process is similar to a mobile banking application and can be done with just a few touches.
  1. Open your Fintech Application.
  2. The homepage of your application will appear, showing the amount present in your online wallet.
  3. Check if the available amount is more than the current bill to be paid.
  4. If yes, then scroll down on the homepage and search for the utility option.
  5. The application will load the name of all the distribution companies. Navigate to GEPCO and open it.
  6. Check the Click “Pay Bill” button.
  7. A screen will appear which asks you to input a reference number. Enter your 14-digit reference number of the GEPCO bill and click “Next.” 
  8. It will show the current bill amount, verify it, click “Pay“, and your online bill will be paid.
Bill Payment Via Nayapay
GEPCO Online bill payment

GEPCO Physical Bill Payment Options

As a customer, you can pay your monthly GEPCO electricity bill at the locations nearest your home or office.

  • All Commercial Banks, including Bank Alfalah, Allied Bank, Bank of Khyber, UBL, or HBL.
  • All Post offices; however, you can pay the bill from your nearest post office.
  • All NADRA Kiosk or Collections points.
  • All Easy Paisa or Upaisa outlets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my Gepco bill online?

To pay your GEPCO bill online:
1. Choose the banking app of your registered bank account.
2. Navigate to the bill payment option in your app.
2. Verify the payment amount and proceed to payment by verifying the OTP code.

How to pay utility bills online?

To pay utility bills online, you can use a mobile banking app. It is the most secure and easiest way to pay your bill.

How do I pay the electricity bill?

You can pay your electricity bill online or offline. You can use banking apps, fintech apps, and bank websites for online bill payment. You can visit the nearest bank, post office, or NADRA kiosk for offline bill payment.

How do you check your bill is paid or not?

Go to the online banking app and check the ‘bill payment’ option. Enter the 14-digit reference number mentioned on your bill. If your bill is already paid, then a pop-up will appear which says “Bill already Paid”; if not, then you will receive your current bill amount will appear with an option to proceed with payment.


In this era, where everything is taking leap towards technology and Artificial advancement, its happening to see that Government organizations are also taking step forward in going digital. GEPCO online bill payment option is enabling masses to save time, money and effort to pay electrcity bills.