FESCO Online Bill August 2023

Write your 14-Digit reference number in the box below to see your FESCO ONLINE BILL.

Fesco Online Bill

FESCO Online Bill Check

Check your FESCO Online bill for August 2023 with billonline.pk. You have to input the 14-digit reference number of your Faisalabad Electric Supply Company Bill, more commonly known as the FESCO Bill. Within seconds, your recent bill will appear on the screen, which you can check, download and print easily. 

FESCO Bill Reference Number

To check your FESCO online duplicate bill, you must enter the 14-digit reference number. This 14-digit number is on the left side of your bill in the box below FESCO Logo. If you are still confused and don’t understand where to find this number, pick your previous bill and compare it with the picture below in which we have highlighted the “REFERENCE NUMBER” of a random consumer. You will find your reference number at the exact location.

14 Digit Reference Number in FESCO Bill

FESCO Bill Checking Method

Checking your bill is as simple as scrolling social media:

  • You have to scroll to the top of this page.
  • You will find a box where you must write your 14-Digit Reference number.
  • After entering the number, press the “Generate Bill” button.
  • Your latest duplicate bill will appear on the screen.
  • If the previous bill appears, then recheck the website after a few days. Your latest will appear after it is issued by FESCO management.

FESCO Bill Download and Print

For smartphone users, you can download the bill on your phone by following these steps:

  • After entering the reference number, your bill will appear.
  • Click the “Print” button appearing above your bill. Your bill will be instantly downloaded into your mobile downloads folder.
  • You can access your bill anytime now by this method.

For Laptop users, you can download and print your bill with a few more steps:

  • After viewing the bill as per the above method, a print button will appear at the top of the Bill image.
  • Click the print button, and a window will open.
  • If you wish to print the bill in hardcopy, connect to the printer and click the print button.
  • If you wish to download the bill, Select the “SAVE as PDF” option in the destination box.
  • After that, Click the print button. Your bill is saved as a PDF in the downloads folder. 
  • You can now view your bill offline anytime from the downloads folder.

Note: To raise the application for a new connection, you can follow the guidelines provided on our website. Click the link below to read the complete process.

Bill Payment Methods

After receiving your FESCO bill, you can pay it in two ways. One is the old conventional method of paying bills offline via any commercial bank, post office, or NADRA’s Sahulat Center.

Another method of Bill Payment is through online banking apps and fintech solutions like Nayapay, Sadapay, Easypaisa, or JazzCash. You only need an internet connection and a smartphone to utilize this payment option.

You can also pay the FESCO electricity bill through phone banking if you have a debit card. Just dial the UAN number of your bank and talk to the customer representative. The officer will take details of your debit card and bill reference number, and your electricity bill will get paid instantly.

Components of FESCO Electricity Bill

As a consumer, you should check your FESCO bill’s parameters before making the payment. Therefore, you must understand every component of your electricity bill statement. The information provided below is enough to make you understand and interpret the fields mentioned in the FESCO online bill.

Identification Fields

While checking your bill, the first and foremost thing you should do is check the identification details. Every invoice possesses alphanumeric codes assigned to each consumer at the time of connection. These include the reference number, consumer number, Name & Address of pertinent.

Identifiers in FESCO Bill
  • Reference Number: It is a 14-Digit reference number that ends with an alphabet. Most websites require this number while checking the online electricity bill.
  • Meter Number: It is a 10-digit alphanumeric code mentioned on your bill and shall match your electricity meter. For single-phase, connections, code “S-P” is written before the number, while for three-phase connections, code “3P” is written before the meter number.
  • Consumer Number: It is a 10-Digit number assigned at the time of connection, and it is present on the bill just above the reference number field.
  • Name and Address: In the box below the Reference number, the registered name and address of the consumer are written. You shall verify it every time before paying the bill.

Mandatory Dates

You are already familiar with the term due date, which is the FESCO bill’s last date for making payment. However, there are a few more dates that you should have a glance at before proceeding forward.

  • Connection Date: The date at which the FESCO team made your electricity connection live.
  • Reading Date: The date at which the meter reader records your meter reading and takes a snap of your reading from your meter. You must check that the reading date corresponds to the billing month.
  • Bill Month: The month for which you are charged the electricity consumed.
  • Issue Date: This is the date the FESCO team dispatched your bill statement for the billing month.
  • Due Date: You all know that the last date to submit the electricity bill is the due date.
FESCO Online Bill Dates

FESCO Online Bill Check Previous Month

A table on the right half of your bill shows FESCO’s previous bill details, including the previous bill amount, corresponding payments received, and consumed units. The web-generated history shows data for the previous twelve (12) months. If you want to check if the previous month’s FESCO bill is paid or not, you can check from this Billing History table.

FESCO Previous Bill

FESCO Charges and Government Charges

The bottom half of your bill shows the various charges applied by distribution company FESCO and the Government of Pakistan. Total Charges due to customers are also shown on the right side of the bill. Bill calculation per the prevailing NEPRA tariff is also mentioned in the particular portion. You can easily verify the calculations yourself by doing some basic mathematical operations.

FESCO and Govt. Charges

For a detailed understanding of the calculations, you should watch this video.

FESCO Complaint and Contact Information

You can contact the FESCO WAPDA bill complaint cell by simply calling 118 or putting up an SMS on 8118. However, if your case is significant and you need additional support, you can contact the relevant FESCO engineer and regional officer. Contact details of the Sub-divisional officer (SDO), Engineer (XEN), and Superintendent Engineer (SE) are present on your bill at the bottom right corner. See the picture below to know the location of the contact information.

FESCO Complaint and Contact Numbers

FESCO Tax Details

You will find various types of Taxes and surcharges applied in your FESCO duplicate bill, accounted for on behalf of the distribution company, while the Government of Pakistan takes the rest.

We have developed an accurate calculator to estimate and verify FESCO Bill. You can test the calculator by clicking the button below:

Fuel Price Adjustment – FPA

Due to oil prices in the international market, the electricity generation cost in Pakistan also fluctuates. This results in a three months payment backlog for which Fuel price adjustment is taken for the consumers for the previous month’s consumed units.

Quarterly Tariff Adjustment – QTR Adj

Increases in tariff rates are deliberately delayed sometimes to facilitate the consumer but are never waived off. Therefore after every quarter (3 months), the tariff rates are increased, and the previous backlog amount is extracted from consumers as a Quarterly adjustment.

Financing Cost Surcharge – F.C. Surcharge

A technical surcharge is taken by the distribution company as a debt servicing for running the privately held power companies. This amount is charged at a rate of 43 paise per unit.

Meter Rent

These are the monthly fixed charges of Rupees eight (8) taken by the FESCO billing department as a meter rent.

Electricity Duty – E.D

The Government of Pakistan takes this tax by a value of a certain amount on the total unit consumed by a single household in a month.

T.V. Fee

A thirty-five (35) Rupees fixed tax is taken by Govt. of Pakistan in terms of the Pakistan Television Network (PTV) license fee.

Goods and Services Tax – GST

17% tax is taken from you by the Govt. of Pakistan in place of Goods and services tax. 17% GST is applied combined on Electricity duty, Electricity cost, Fuel Price Adjustment, F.C. Surcharge, and QTR Adjustment.

Late Payment Surcharge – L.P Surcharge

10% of the total current bill amount is taken additionally by the government of Pakistan if you don’t pay your bill within the due date.


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company is abbreviated as FESCO. To cater to more than 26 Million population constituting 4 million consumers, FESCO is determined to provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity. It has been awarded the best performing distribution company in Pakistan for maintaining a low line loss and higher bill collection distribution network. As the name suggests, FESCO primarily operates in Faisalabad – the hub of textile industries

Aim of FESCO

The primary aim of FESCO is to fulfill the electricity needs of Faisalabad’s residential and industrial consumers without interruption. In addition, it aims to upscale the company into an entity that provides quality services to customers with reliable, affordable, and safe electricity. Furthermore, it has taken responsibility for elevating Faisalabad’s industrial and agriculture sectors into a competitive world.

FESCO Area of Services

To provide services to its 4 Million consumers, FESCO has divided its eight regions into four operation circles which are spread into 21 Divisions and 118 Sub-divisions. Along the Faisalabad region, FESCO supplies electricity to residential and commercial consumers in the following eight regions

JhangBhakkarToba Tek SinghChiniot

A map is also shown below to bifurcate FESCO’s area of operation with other distribution networks like MEPCO, PESCO, GEPCO, LESCO and IESCO.


FESCO also has its online management portal system which can be accessed from the below link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to pay FESCO bill online?

Bills can be paid online via phone banking, online banking, and fintech solutions. If you don’t have internet connectivity, you can pay FESCO in any commercial bank or post office

How to check old FESCO bill online?

To check the old bill online, you should check the web-generated billing history, which is present on the right half of your bill. You will find details previous 12 months’ bills there.

How to check FESCO electricity bill status online?

To check the FESCO electricity bill online, you only require a 14-Digit reference number. You can input this number on our website, billonline.pk to check the status of your bill.

Final Instructions

Viewing and printing your FESCO online bill is now easier than ever. If you have a laptop or smartphone, you can easily extract your online bill using our website billonline.pk. You are only required to enter your 14-Digit FESCO reference number and your duplicate bill will be available for download.