FESCO Online Application

FESCO Online Application for New Connection 2023

Getting a FESCO new connection is quite easy and hassle-free now. You must submit an online application form, and the rest will be taken care of by the FESCO ENC (Electricity New Connection) team. They will process your application, and you will get the desired connection. If you know how to submit the FESCO online application form, proceed by clicking the button below.

However, for your ease, we have detailed the complete process in the paragraphs below.

Initially, the complete process was conducted manually, which made it hectic for the consumers. Moreover, you were required to visit FESCO offices multiple times with a pandora of documents and their copies. Even then, your new connection application was not guaranteed to be approved. However, with the advancement of online processes, all this hassle has been taken out, and now you can get a connection with only one final visit to the FESCO office. The portal system also facilitates consumers to extract their FESCO bill online.

FESCO New Connection Procedure

We have listed a detailed process with pictures to help you understand the exact steps to follow when applying for the installation of a new connection. However, a few pre-requisite documents should be in your possession before filling out the application form.

  • Neighbour FESCO Electricity Bill Copy
  • Property Document Copy
  • Attested CNIC Copy of Applicant
  • Attested CNIC Copy of Witness
  • Wiring Contractor`s Test Report

The above documents shall be available in print and softcopy in JPG or PDF format.

Note: Try to submit the form via Desktop or Laptop.

Once you have all the documents mentioned above, you can start filling out the FESCO online application form by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Visit the ENC portal by clicking the button below.
  • Step 2: Click the “Apply” button on the left side of the webpage. 
FESCO Online application
  • Step 3: After clicking the apply button, the left page will show a form asking you to input the consumer reference number of your neighbor. Once you input the reference number, the system will automatically fetch the Name and Address of your neighbor, the distribution company name, and the corresponding sub-division name and code.
Neighbor FESCO Reference number
  • Step 4: At the same stage, you are asked to select the type of load category you require. This selection is dependent on your expected consumption and load needed. E.g., If you require a domestic connection, your load requirement will hardly go above 5KW; therefore, you can select the 1st option of loading up to 15KW.
FESCO Load Category
  • Step 5: After filling in the primary data, the next part of the new connection form will open below in the same window. You will be asked to select the connection type from a bunch of options. For example, if you require a residential consumer, then you should choose the “Domestic” connection type. Similarly, you can select the connection type for tubewell as well.
Connection Type selection
  • Step 6: Now scroll below to fill in your details in the new online connection form.
  •  If you are the property owner on which the connection is required, then you shall select the “Landlord” Option. However, if you took place on rent, you shall choose the “Tenant” option.
  • Then write your complete name in the Applicant’s Name field and your father/husband’s name in the 2nd field.
  • If you are a Pakistani Citizen, then select the 1st option in the citizenship column.
  • Now input your CNIC number and the present address mentioned in your CNIC in the following fields.
  • Provide an active mobile number in the Mobile No. 1 field. For the Mobile number 2 field, you can give the number of your father/husband.
FESCO applicant Details
  • Step 7: The ENC form then asks to submit the contact details of the person acquiring the connection. If you are developing a meter connection for yourself, then you can checkmark the button “Same as above.” The same will fetch your details mentioned above and fill out the form automatically.
Applicant Contact Details
  • Step 8: The form asks to confirm the premises details after filling in the contact details. 
  • If you already have any installed meter, then you shall declare it in the form here. If you opt for the new connection for the first time, select “0”.
  • The second field asks you to confirm the minimum load requirements. Select this option from the drop-down menu once you have done preliminary load calculations. 
  • Click the “Copy” icon in the address section if you are seeking a connection on the present address; else, rewrite the new address.
Applicant Premesis Details
  • Step 9: In the second last step, you are required to declare the details of the appliance that will be utilized in the house. E.g., If you have one refrigerator, select “Refrigerator” in the appliance menu, select the quantity as “1” and Watts from the data sheet of the fridge. 

Note: if you don’t know the watt consumption of any appliance, then you can google it. 

E.g., A simple 14-cubic.feet refrigerator consumes 117 Watts. Or a National Iron consumes 900 to 1200 Watts of power.

Select the appliance one by one with details and add them by clicking the “Add Row” Button

FESCO New Connection Appliance details
  • Step 10: After filling out the form with mandatory details, you are asked to attach the documents mentioned earlier. Upload the scanned copy of these documents one by one by clicking the browse button.
Upload WAPDA new connection documents

After uploading the documents, recheck all the data and scroll to the end of the form. Then, read the terms and conditions of the FESCO new connection request form and tick the “I agree” button.

After agreeing to the terms and conditions, the Captcha option will be enabled in the submit form. Then, rewrite the same alphabets and numbers and click the “Submit” button. 

FESCO Application Submit

FESCO Online Application Tracking

Immediately after submitting the new connection form, the consumers will be provided an application Tracking number. You should note this number, as it will help you in FESCO’s new connection application tracking.

For FESCO’s new connection tracking, the same ENC portal is used, and you will be required to follow the below-mentioned process:

  • Step 1: Open the ENC portal by clicking the button below:
  • Step 2: Click the “Track” button on the left side of the webpage.
FESCO Online Application Tracking
  • Step 3: A form with two options will open. You shall select the first option if you want to track the new connection application. Still, if you’re going to track the change of name/tariff/load application, you shall select the latter option.
New Connection tracking
  • Step 4: After clicking the “new connection” application type, you will be asked to select the name of the distribution company and input the tracking ID. Since you are acquiring a new connection from FESCO, you shall choose FESCO from the drop-down menu. Once selecting the company name, write the tracking number you got at the time of online application submission.
Distribution Company Name in Tracking

After providing the necessary input, your application status will be visible on the screen along with the basic details of your request. 

FESCO Demand Notice

After submitting the new connection application, your application will go under review by the FESCO ENC team. They will assess the length of the service line, conductors, and other materials required to establish your new meter connection. After a thorough assessment, ENC will issue you a demand notice within 15 days of your application. You will receive a demand notice at your provided address or from the sub-division office.

Suppose your application status shows a “review completed” or “Pay Demand Notice Fee ” message on your application tracking page. Then you can download your demand notice voucher directly from the ENC portal. 

Procedure to Download and Print FESCO Demand Notice

  • Go to the ENC Portal
  • Click the “Print DN” button on the left side of the page.
FESCO Demand Notice
  • After clicking it, a form will open on the right pane of the page, asking you to select the application type. You shall set the new connection option here.
Demand Notice Option
  • After selecting the application type, you will see a field asking you to input your tracking number. Write your new connection application tracking number and press “Submit.”
FESCO Demand Notice Number Tracking
  • After that, a demand notice form will open with an option to “Download” or “Print”. Select the desired option after reviewing the demand notice form.

The demand notice comes with a deadline, and you have to submit the notified fee within the due date for the continuation of your new connection application. 

Note: Submit the demand notice fee to the nearest local bank for quick processing.

Procedure to Submit Demand Notice Online

Demand notices can be submitted online on the ENC portal as everything is online. So, after ensuring that you have a scanned copy of paid demand notice in your desktop.

  • Visit the ENC portal
  • Click on the “upload DN” option, as marked in the picture.
Upload DN
  • Select the application type as a new connection.
New Connection DN
  • Input your tracking number and click the submit button.
WAPDA DN Tracking Number
  • A window will open, allowing you to upload the scanned copy of the demand notice. Upload it and click the save button. Your demand notice will be submitted to FESCO management.

Once you pay the demand notice within the due date and upload it on the ENC portal, your new connection will be installed within 15 days as per the official procedure.

FESCO Demand Notice Fee 2023

Demand notice fees depend on fixed and variable charges. These variable charges depend on the service line’s length, connection type (single-phase or three-phase), and location (Rural and Urban). 

FESCO New Connection Fee 2023

The below table shows the detailed charges of the demand notice calculation. However, these rates are tentative and change as per the prevailing market prices.

Lumpsum Charges FESCO New connectionAmount in Rs.
1Single Phase service connection (Rural) with 2 Core 10 sq mm PVC
1aLength of service line up to and including 40 meters4,000
1bLength of service line 41-100 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and one pole/structure)4,000 + Rs.200 per meter
1cLength of service line 101-160 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and two poles/structures)16,000 + Rs.250 per meter
2Single Phase service connection (Urban) with 2 Core 10 sq mm PVC
2aLength of service line up to and including 40 meters4,000
2bLength of service line 41-100 meters(with one span of Ant Conductor and one pole/structure)4,000 + Rs.200 per meter
2cLength of service line 101-160 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and two poles/structures)16,000 + Rs.250 per meter
3Three Phase service connections (Both Urban & Rural) with 4 Core 10 sq mm PVC
3aLength of service line up to and including 40 meters15,000
3bLength of service line 41-100 meters(with one span of Ant Conductor and one pole/structure)15,000 + Rs.260 per meter
3cLength of service line 101-160 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and two poles/structures)30,600 + Rs.300 per meter
3dLength of service line 160-280 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and two poles/structures)48,600 + Rs.340 per meter

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I get a demand notice online?

You can get demand notice online through the Electricity New Connection portal by entering your application tracking number.

How do I check the status of my demand notice?

To check the status of the demand notice, go to the official website enc.com.pk. Then, click the “track” button, input your tracking number, and submit it. A window will show you the current status of your application and demand notice.

How can I get a new electricity meter in Pakistan?

You must contact the distribution company to get a new electricity connection in Pakistan. For example, if you are a resident of Faisalabad, you should apply to FESCO for a new connection. All the system is online; therefore, you can get the service line by submitting the new connection form online with a scanned copy of the required documents.


Getting FESCO new connection is merely a one-month process if you fulfill all the mandatory requirements within the due dates. Moreover, with the availability of ENC portals, tracking FESCO online applications and downloading demand notices is quite easy. However, in this process, you, as a consumer, will have to visit the sub-division office once to verify documents and data.