FESCO Complaint System

FESCO Complaint System 2023

Launching an electricity failure complaint is pretty simple and easy. You can dial the FESCO complaint cell toll-free number 041-118. However, if the 118 helpline representative does not address your complaint, then you have the option to submit the complaint online at the Complaint Management Portal

FESCO also has an e-bill service from which you can extract your FESCO bill easily. Click the button below to fetch your online bill now:

Ways to Launch FESCO Online Complaint

There are numerous ways to raise complaints about electricity supply failures. Depending on the scope and criticality of the issue, you can opt for any option you like. However, we recommend you first go for a verbal complaint and, if not resolved, go for an online one.

Complaint via FESCO Helpline

For any complaint, be it regarding power failure, overbilling, or fire hazard, you should contact FESCO via helpline number 118. If your call is not responded to on the helpline, you can get the head office landline number:

  • +92- 41- 9220184
  • +92- 41- 9220229

In both scenarios, the help desk representative will listen to your issue and provide you with a FESCO complaint tracking number for further inquiry into your complaint status.

Complaint via Email

If your complaint is not addressed and resolved via the helpline number, then you can generate a written complaint by sending an email to the official complaint email ID:

Suppose you don’t receive any response from the above mail, or your issue is not resolved satisfactorily. In that case, you can escalate your matter to the Head of CCMS (Customer Complaint Management system) Quality assurance via email at:

Complaint via FESCO online CCMS Portal

You can use this medium to raise your complaint if you are not entertained or responded to by the above two channels. The method to raise a complaint on the CCMS (Customer complaint Management System) portal is explained below. However, you can access the portal by clicking the button below:

Method to Launch complaint Via CCMS portal

  • Visit the FESCO CCMS portal by clicking the above orange button.
  • Navigate to the right side of the page, where two red buttons appear. Click the button that says “Register your Complaint.
  • After clicking the button, a new page will open. Click the empty field on the top right corner of the page, as marked in the picture below. Input your 14-digit FESCO Bill reference number in this field and click the search button.
FESCO Complaint Registration Number
  • Your consumer details will be fetched from the FESCO database and will instantly appear in the field below as marked. 
FESCO Consumer Details
  • Now scroll to the right panel of the window to the “Complaints Details” tab. Here you have to provide details of your complaint.
  • To facilitate the FESCO team to identify your location, provide the name of the nearest landmark to your area. E.g., If your site of the issue is close to the clock tower, you can input “Clock tower” as the nearest landmark.
  • The system then asks to select a complaint category from three options. Line, Non-Line, and Lead/Requests complaints. E.g., If you are facing an outage issue, you can select a line complaint, but if you are facing an overbilling issue, you will choose a non-line complaint.
FESCO Complaint Details

Details of each complaint category are discussed later in the piece.

  • Once you select the “complaint category,” this will activate the drop-down menus of the field below in which you have to select “Complaint type.” E.g., If you are facing an issue in the phase connection, you will choose “phase issue” as the complaint type.
  • After selecting your issue’s relevant category and sub-category, you shall elaborate on the problem in the complaint details box. To provide proof of your complaint, you can use the attachment feature. You can attach an image, video, or document along with your complaint by clicking the “Choose File” button. E.g., if You are about to raise a complaint about overbilling, you can attach pictures of previous bills, your present meter reading video, or any other relevant proof.
  • After filling in all the above data, click the “Register Complaint” button present at the bottom of the page. Your online FESCO complaint will be launched instantly, and you will be provided with a complaint tracking ID.
FESCO Register button
  • To track your complaint, click the “Track Complaint” Button on the link below. Then input your 14-Digit reference number, and your complaint status will appear.

FESCO Complaint Category

When selecting the complaint category, you have three options. Details of each complaint category are described for your better understanding.

  1. Line Complaints
  2. Non-Line Complaints
  3. Leads/Request

You can select a sub-category from each major category to identify the pinpoint issue.

Line Complaints

All the power failure or tipping-related issues and problems a consumer experiences fall under the Line complaints category. Below is the list of complaint types you can select under the line complaints category.

FESCO Line Complaint

Non-Line Complaints

If consumers face issues related to electricity theft, overbilling, or defective meter performance, they can select Non-line complaints. Several other issues lie under the category of the non-line complaint, whose details are provided below:

FESCO Non-line Complaints


This category is more related to customer facilitation in terms of electricity connection requests, change of sanctioned load, or transformer removal/addition. However, there are also several other requests which FESCO consumers can raise under this category. All of them are listed below:

FESCO Leads Request

Complaints to Wafaqi Mohtsib

The last resort to raise your complaints is Wafaqi Mohtsib. If your complaints are not resolved, or the FESCO complaint cell doesn’t take any action, you can reach them with your issue. Moreover, if you receive any threatening or harassing words from FESCO employees, you should raise your voice to Mohtsib-e-alaa.

FESCO has a dedicated representative of Wafaqi Mohtsib whose contact details are as under:

  • Name of Officer: Mr. Athar Ayub
  • Office Number: 041-9220211 & 041-9220509
  • Mobile Number: 0345-1500212
  • Email ID: [email protected]

In addition to it, there is an online portal of Mohtsib to launch your grievances and complaints which can be accessed from the button below:

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I complain to FESCO?

You can complain to FESCO via helpline 041-118 or their online customer complaint management system.

How can I register complaint in Wapda?

To register your complaint in WAPDA, you can use the CCMS portal.

How do I send a message on 8118?

Just write your issue in the text box of your SMS along with your FESCO bill reference number and input 8118 in the recipient options. 

What is online complaint management system?

The online complaint management system is the state-of-art complaint portal by WAPDA. You can raise your issue on this portal and track their status online.


The quickest and easiest way to raise your FESCO complaint is through a phone call to helpline 118. However, a more sophisticated but effective way of launching complaints is via the CCMS portal. The consumers also have the option to contact the FESCO team via email as well.