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Welcome to billonline.pk website, your home to HESCO online bill. You can check and download your latest Hyderabad Electric Supply Company – HESCO Electricity Bill free from this website. Your utility bill will be visible in PDF format, and you can quickly see the billed amount, consumed units, and due date. In addition, you can download or print the HESCO bill directly from this website with just one click.

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HESCO Electricity Bill Online checks can be done for all types of connections, including residential, commercial, and industrial connections. Then, you just have to input the 14 Digit reference number in the above form, and your latest Hesco Online bill will appear. Check this video to understand how bill checking is done at billonline.pk

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HESCO Bill Reference Number:

Pick your previous bill and see below the HESCO logo; you will find the reference number above the consumer name. For your ease, we have red-marked the location on a sample Hesco bill to help you find the reference number, which you need to pick from your previous bill and input in the above form.

HESCO Online Bill Reference Number

How To Get a Duplicate HESCO WAPDA Bill?

  • Go to the top of this page and enter the 14-Digit Reference Number from your Old Hesco Bill
  • Then Press the Green Color Button¬†
  • Your duplicate HESCO Bill will appear in the new Web Window.
  • If the previous bill appears, then your electricity bill is not issued yet by HESCO. Recheck after a few days.

HESCO Online Bill Download and Print:

  • If you are using a Laptop/P.C., then set your printer and PRESS CTRL+P to print your Hesco Bill.
  • Your HESCO will be printed.
  • If you are using an Android/IOS Device, then PRESS three dots to Download the Bill.
  • Your HESCO Bill Online Check receipt will be downloaded to your phone memory.

About HESCO:

HESCO (Hyderabad Electricity Supply Company) is a public limited power distribution company formed after the revamping of WAPDA in April 1998. HESCO is duly responsible for electricity distribution in Hyderabad and its surrounding districts, which leads to an overall consumer base population of 70 million. In addition, HESCO plays a significant role in the Agriculture and industrial growth of Pakistan as it distributes power to the 2nd largest city of Sindh province.

Aim of HESCO:

The primary aim of HESCO is to distribute uninterrupted electricity to Hyderabad and surrounding areas for the people’s progress, prosperity, and growth. HESCO aims to ensure that high customer expectations and standards are met through attentive maintenance of its technical facilities and customer service in a friendly environment. It also aims to protect the rights of its employees by providing a safe and secure working environment and growth opportunities. As a public entity, HESCO aims to be ethical and comply with all social and corporate laws and practices with full spirit.

HESCO History:

HESCO is an acronym for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. It is a subsidiary company of WAPDA, which was formed on April 23, 1998, due to the rehabilitation of WAPDA by Govt. of Pakistan. The revamping resulted in the formation of twelve (12) corporate entities, Eight (8) eight distribution companies (DISCOs), One (1) National Transmission and Distribution Company (NTDC), and three (3) Generation Companies (GENCOs). 

During the revamping of WAPDA, eight distribution companies were formed. Area Electricity Board (AEB) Hyderabad was one of them. Therefore, HESCO – Hyderabad Electric Supply Company is the new name for Area Electricity Board (AEBH) Hyderabad.

Area of Operations:

To cater to its 1.1 Million consumers with an uninterrupted supply of power, the HESCO administration has divided 12 districts of Sindh province into operation circles, districts, divisions, and subdivisions. As a result, HESCO mainly has 4 Operation Circles: Hyderabad, Laar, Mirpurkhas, and Nawabshah. These four operation circles are constituted of 15 Divisions and 69 Subdivisions. In addition, to facilitate the customer needs and to make swift maintenance and construction, HESCO Hyderabad added six construction divisions and 5 M & T Divisions. 

Operation CircleDivisionsSub-Divisions
HESCO Region1569
HESCO Area of Operations

For swift management and operations, HESCO has developed an organizational structure in which each operation circle is headed by Superintending Engineers (SEs), followed by Executive engineers (XENs) who manage divisions. In contrast, subdivisions are to be run by Sub Divisional officers (SDOs). In addition, each division has a customer relations officer (CSO) to maintain a healthier relationship with consumers.

HESCO Online Bill Payment:

HESCO has initiated an online bill payment system through which it has become convenient to pay HESCO bills online from any bank in Pakistan. In addition, you can also pay your bill online from Fintech solutions like JazzCash App, EasyPaisa App, and Nayapay. 

For online payment through banks, you just have to go to the utility payment option on your respective bank app and select HESCO in the Bill information section. After selecting the company name as “HESCO,” you must input the consumer number. The bank will verify the company name and consumer number and show you the billed amount. Then, you just have to proceed with the regular banking procedure of OTP to complete the payment.

Bill Payment via JazzCash:

HESCO bill payment from JazzCash is easy and hassle-free. It provides the following three (3) different methods for bill payment:

  • Via Jazz Cash Account
  • Via JazzCash Retailer and
  • Via JazzCash App

To pay your HESCO bill online through the JazzCash application below is the step-by-step method:

Dial *786#

Choose “Pay Bills”

Choose Type of Bill

Choose Company – Select HESCO

Review your transaction details and enter OTP to confirm your payment

Your bill payment will be completed.

Components of Online HESCO Bill:

The HESCO bill generation mechanism involves meter reading performed by humans, so the reliability of the billed amount sometimes becomes questionable due to erroneous readings. Yet, most consumers pay their bills impatiently without checking the procedure. Hence, this results in paying for more/fewer electricity units than they consumed. 

It is necessary to know the interpretation of different components of the bill. It seems difficult initially, but with the help of the below information given, you can easily interpret the Hesco bill fields. 


Online bill issued by HESCO has the same pattern for all the consumers, except for the data in the bill. Each invoice has unique codes that serve as identifiers, including a reference number, meter number, and consumer I.D., apart from your name and address. These identifiers are unique in that each consumer is provided with different numbers at the time of electric connection to identify the invoice’s owner. For your ease, we have marked these numbers on a sample HESCO bill by the red box as shown below:

  • Reference number:¬† It starts with a number having 14 digits and ends with the alphabet. Here “U” indicates urban area consumers, while “R” indicates rural area consumers. Your Online WAPDA Bill check can be done by this number.
  • Meter number: It is a number that is displayed on your electricity meter, comprising of six unique digits
HESCO Online Bill Reference Number

Essential Dates:

Every time you receive the HESCO bill, your first glance falls on the HESCO Online bill date. First, however, you should familiarize yourself with other dates on your bill. Let’s recall them:

  • Connection date: This was when the HESCO team approved your electric connection.
  • Bill Month: The month mentioned under this field indicates invoice month.
  • Reading Date: This indicates the date the meter reader snapped the reading from your meter.
  • Issue Date: This is the date HESCO dispatched your bill invoice for the specific month.
  • Due Date: It is the deadline date before which you should pay the bill; else, additional charges will be applied to your billed amount.
HESCO Bill Details

Billing History:

On the right side of your bill, under the heading of Web generated Bill, a table shows your HESCO billing history for the past twelve (12) months. The table consists of four distinct columns, showing each month’s consumed units, billed amount, and payment received against your bill by HESCO. The table allows you to analyze the history to develop strategies to lower the overall consumption and expenses for the upcoming months. 

HESCO Billing History

Charges Calculation:

The bottom half section of your bill shows the calculation of the charges. First, all the utility companies are ordered to take a snap of the meter reading, which should be attached to the invoice. The calculation process starts with the meter reading shown on the meter snap, deducting from the previous month’s meter reading to get the total units consumed for the particular month. After that, the electricity cost is calculated by multiplying the unit consumed with the tariff awarded by the government. In addition, the total payable amount is calculated by adding various services charges and taxes. 

  • L.P. Surcharge: Late Payment Surcharge applies to calculate the amount of the consumer payment made after the due date.

Complaint and Contact Information:

In case of erroneous billing, Power supply failure, or meter malfunction, HESCO has provided a complaint contact number at the bottom right corner of your invoice. You can use the mentioned numbers to connect with HESCO customer representatives to raise your complaint for a swift resolution. In addition, you can also notify officials about any electricity theft happening in your neighborhood.

We have marked the contact information in an orange box.

HESCO Complaint and Contact Information

Note: If you want to raise an online complaint, then you should check our guidelines for launching HESCO online complaint by clicking the button below:

HESCO Bill Charges:

Your electricity bill has two (2) types of charges. One is distribution company (HESCO) charges, while the other is government charges. Details of both charges are shown in the below video.

Let’s discuss the Distribution Company (HESCO) charges first:


FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. You can see these fuel charges on your monthly bill wherever there’s a fuel cost adjustment. These adjustments occur due to increased oil prices in the international market, whose charges are collected by distribution companies for a particular month.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC

Quarterly Adjustment charges are taken on account of tariff revision by the government for previously billed months.

F.C. Surcharge: 

F.C. means Financing Cost. An amount of 43 Paisa/unit is charged to all consumers to secure collection of debt servicing of the power holding privately limited.

T.R. Surcharge:

T.R. is short form Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. This surcharge occurs whenever there is a tariff gap in NEPRA and GOP (Govt. of Pakistan). This surcharge is borne by the Govt. of Pakistan whenever the gap reduces. However, in case of an unfavorable gap, the distribution companies collect this amount for Govt. from the consumers as T.R. Surcharge.

After calculating distribution company charges, your bill consists of the following govt. Taxes:

Electricity Duty:

The rate charged per unit of electric power consumed by a single household is called Electricity duty.

V.L. Fee

A fixed monthly amount of 35 Rupees for the PTV license fee is collected from all the consumers.


Govt. deducts a particular percentage in the name of service charges for Goods and services they provide. It is calculated by getting 17% from the combined electricity duty, electricity cost, F.C. Surcharge, and QTR Tariff Adjustment.

N.J. Surcharge:

Neelum Jhelum Surcharge applies to all consumers at a rate of 10 paisa/unit.

HESCO Contact Center:

To provide the utmost customer service, HESCO has set up customer contact centers in each division of operation areas. To find your nearby HESCO service center you can visit the HESCO Official Website service page. Then, navigate to your corresponding division and location. Each service center’s name, contact number, and location will appear. Just call on the given number to discuss your issue.

HESCO Bill Email Service:

HESCO has launched an e-bill service; through this feature, you can subscribe to monthly email service. You just have to provide your email address and consumer reference number, and you will receive a monthly invoice via email when the monthly online bills are issued. 

HESCO Application:

There is no official app for HESCO Bill on the play store. Therefore, the only method for HESCO online bill check in Pakistan is via billonline.pk

HESCO’s New Connection Charges & Procedure:

For the installation of new connections, a simple procedure has been listed by HESCO for general consumers. Consumers of domestic and commercial tariffs can access the application form via this link.

Forms are available in English and Urdu language for the ease of local customers. The following documents are required with the application form to complete the procedure:

  • CNIC Copy (Attested)
  • Two Witnesses CNIC Copy (Attested)
  • Property Ownership Paper. 
  • Undertaking by the applicant
  • Signed copy of Tariff Guide
  • Step 1: Access the online application form
  • Step 2: Fill the online application Form with the correct data
  • Step 3: Print the duly filled online application form
  • Step 4: Attach the documents mentioned above with the application Form
  • Step 5: Send the Application form along with an attachment to the concerned HESCO office
  • Step 6: After verification demand notice will be issued to consumers.
  • Step 7: Pay the demand notice to the relevant bank
  • Step 8: Send a copy of the paid demand notice to the HESCO office.
  • Step 9: After verification of the Demand notice, a HESCO representative will contact you, and your connection will be installed.

Details of charges for single-phase and three-phase connections are listed on this link. To read complete charges and their calculation visit the official HESCO Website. Once the documents are approved, a HESCO representative will contact you for a new meter connection.

HESCO Demand Notice Tracking:

To track the demand notice, you just have to click the “TRACK” button on this link, as shown in the picture below.

HESCO New Connection Tracking Button

After Clicking on the track button, a screen will appear, and you have to select the application type. For example, if you applied for the new connection, select the first option, and in case of a change of tariff/load, select the second option.

HESCO New connection Tracking System

Once you select the application type as “New connection,” a screen will appear in which you just have to select the distribution company name from the drop-down menu and input your CNIC or tracking I.D. number. Then finally, Your application status will appear in the new window.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ :

How can I check my Hesco Online bill?

You can check your HESCO bill here by entering your 14-Digit reference number.

How to check Hesco bill paid or not?

Payment history is present on your bill. You can check from the right portion of your HESCO bill which months are paid or not.

How to pay HESCO bill online?

You can pay your bill at any nearest bank or online via banks, JazzCash, Easypaisa and nay pay.

What is the 14 Digit Reference number and How to Find it?

Your 14-Digit reference number is present on the left column of your bill below consumer ID. You just have to grab your previous bill and locate the number.

How To Reduce Electricity Bill?

There are various steps you can take to reduce your electricity bill:
Paint Your Roof white.
Unplug the Devices That Are Not In Use.
Inspect Devices that Consume More Energy.
Use Appliances During Off-Peak Hours.
Choose Your Air Conditioner Wisely.
Reduce Machines that Consume More Electricity.

What is consumer ID?

Consumer ID is a unique identification number allotted to consumers at the time of a new connection. This number is required for paying bills and raising complaints as well.


The old ways of bill collection and payment are gone; take advantage of this internet world where you can easily check your HESCO online bill. Either on a laptop or a smartphone, just input your HESCO reference number and get your duplicate HESCO bill.